left-hand|ed «LEHFT HAN dihd», adjective, adverb.
1. using the left hand more easily and readily than the right: »

A left-handed person who sews, often has trouble with regular scissors.

2. done with the left hand: »

a left-handed catch.

3. made to be used with the left hand or placed on the left hand.
4. turning from right to left: »

a left-handed screw.

5. Figurative. awkward; clumsy: »

It seems to me as if murder and massacre were but a very left-handed way of producing civilization and love (William Godwin).

6. doubtful or insincere; ambiguous: »

a left-handed compliment.

7. (in scientific and technical use) characterized by a direction or rotation to the left; producing such a rotation in the plane of a polarized ray.
8. morganatic (from the custom at German morganatic weddings of the bridegroom's giving the bride his left hand rather than his right).
toward the left; with the left hand.
left´-hand´ed|ly, adverb.
left´-hand´ed|ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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